MOKKA sofa

Product description

The combination of classic and modern styles has inspired us to create a sofa that is perfect for any interior. Thanks to the option of an adjustable headrest, we have the ability to individually adjust the height of the backrest so that every user can feel comfortable.

Occurring sleeping function means that it can act as a piece of furniture for daily use. Perfect for rooms with a small area and in large, spacious living rooms.

Technical data

Special features of the furniture:

  • Sofa with sleeping function and container for bedding.
  • Modern design.
  • Bonell springs used.
  • Adjustable head restraints.

MOKKA sofa

Width: 190 cm
Sleeping surface width: 140 cm
Sleeping surface length: 190 cm

A tolerance of +/- 4 cm applies to the specified dimensions of upholstered furniture

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