MALTA corner sofa

Product description

Purity of form, simplicity and elegance. Corner of Malta combines the most interesting solutions taken from contemporary design. The furniture is minimalist and luxurious at the same time. The shape of the sofa, its design and the ability to choose the color of the upholstery mean that when we decide on Malta, we gain almost unlimited arrangement possibilities. This corner model will fit perfectly in the interior in the Scandinavian, minimalist, contemporary and more. Its back is also covered with the material of your choice, which means that you can successfully set it in the heart of the living room.

Five comfortable pillows - three large and two smaller - will provide a comfortable back support. The furniture has a large sleeping area (200 x 145 cm), two capacious storage spaces for bedding and an easy opening and closing system. You will store two sets of bedding in it, and if necessary you can quickly and easily change it into an extra bed. If you are looking for a functional and extraordinary furniture, this model will satisfy even the most demanding users.

Technical data

Special features of the furniture:

  • Corner sofa with the sleeping function.
  • Corrugated springs used.
  • Mechanism supporting unfolding.
  • Removable back cushions.
  • Back of the furniture upholstered with furniture fabric.
  • Two containers for bedding.

MALTA corner sofa

Length: 235 cm
Height: 90 cm
Width: 145 cm
Sleeping surface width: 145 cm
Sleeping surface length: 200 cm

A tolerance of +/- 4 cm applies to the specified dimensions of upholstered furniture

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