CORNER corner

Product description

Seine corner combines functionality and modern design. The small corner with a very large sleeping area fits perfectly into smaller and larger rooms. Simple and aesthetic shapes emphasize the high class of the furniture, which has been made in the latest trends in the furniture industry. The corner has a sleeping function and a container for bedding so you can quickly and easily change your living room into a bedroom. A sleeping area of 200 x 140 cm will ensure comfort and rest. The simple folding mechanism does not require the use of force.

Maximum use of the sleeping surface is an absolute advantage of this furniture ensuring satisfaction from use. Comfort has been emphasized not only by the right proportions and best quality materials, but also a large range of arrangement options. 

The universal side of the corner and the large sleeping surface are its main advantages!
Delicate, subtle shapes add elegance to home interiors. The Seine corner will become your favorite resting place.

Technical data

Special features of the furniture:

  • Corner sofa with the sleeping function.
  • Bonell springs used.
  • Mechanism supporting unfolding.
  • Removable backrests.
  • Back of the furniture upholstered with furniture fabric.
  • Two containers for bedding.

CORNER corner

Length: 220 cm
Height: 91 cm
Width: 145 cm
Sleeping surface width: 145 cm
Sleeping surface length: 200 cm

A tolerance of +/- 4 cm applies to the specified dimensions of upholstered furniture

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