CAPRI corner

Product description

CAPRI corner is an ideal proposition for people who value elegance and modern design. The model is designed in such a way as to accommodate a lot of people, rest and relax. The simplicity of the style, and at the same time its unique charm, give the CAPRI corner unique features that are currently the most important elements that every person follows. The corner has a sleeping function and a container for bedding, thanks to which you can quickly and easily change your living room into a bedroom. A sleeping area of 190 x 130 cm will ensure comfort and relaxation. The simple folding mechanism does not require the use of force.

Technical data

Special features of the furniture:

  • Corner sofa with the sleeping function.
  • Bonell springs used.
  • Trolley mechanism supported by rubberized rollers & #8211; protects the floor against damage when unfolding.
  • Fixed support.
  • Easily accessible container for bedding.
  • Removable backrests.
  • Feet of the type & #8222; chrome & #8221 ;.

CAPRI corner

Length: 250 cm
Width: 185 cm
Sleeping surface width: 130 cm
Sleeping surface length: 190 cm

A tolerance of +/- 4 cm applies to the specified dimensions of upholstered furniture

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