Product description

The quintessence of Scandinavian style and good taste. Sofa SCANDI it's purity and simplicity of form as well as elegance in one. Elegant wooden elements discreetly warm up the furniture and add class. The sofa combines modernity and classics, so you can adapt it to a variety of interiors. Lovers of minimalism and momentum will love her. The simplicity of the shape makes it balance intense colors, patterns and a large amount of decorations in a minimalist interior, or become its perfect element. The characteristic quilting applied on the seat and large cushions, which serve as a backrest, is a tasteful detail that adds to the sofa SCANDI charm.

Technical data

Special features of the furniture:

  • Sofa with sleeping function.
  • Corrugated springs used.
  • Mechanism supporting unfolding.
  • Removable back cushions.
  • Back of the furniture upholstered with furniture fabric.
  • A large and easily accessible container for bedding.


Length: 215 cm
Sleeping surface width: 140 cm
Sleeping surface length: 190 cm

A tolerance of +/- 4 cm applies to the specified dimensions of upholstered furniture

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